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Chasing After Infinity

Chasing After Infinity - L. Jayne I didn't expect this book to be so deep. It made me tear up, especially towards the end. It's reminiscent with Pushing the Limits with the strong hero/heroine trying to survive high school, their cruel peers, and this heartbreaking situation at home.... EXCEPT there are some situations in this particular book that I don't think are too believable. The forced situations, the bullying... I don't know. I honestly don't think it's believable. I think some intervention from other students, from the cops, from the supposed authorities (like where the hell are the teachers?) would've taken place. It was too out of hand to not have been noticed in a HIGH SCHOOL of all places.If you take those situations away from the focus of the story, then I think you'll find it's a great story. It would've been a solid 4 star book for me otherwise.