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Blood Shadows: Blackthorn Book One: 1

Blood Shadows - Lindsay J. Pryor Wow. Kane... wow. I tremendously enjoyed this book. Thank you to my friend for pointing out the fact that I would love it because it has a terrific plot and awesome smut :P It did, people... it did have a terrific plot that had so many twists and turns towards the end. Pulled at the hearstrings a little. Had me anxious and hopeful and... all those other sentimental feelings and emotions that I usually don't do :P AND it had great characters too - a strong heroine and a HOT alpha hero.The smut... it was great. It was nice. They could've had more :P But ..anyways.It wasn't just the typical heroine falls for the vampiric hero story either. Towards the end, even I couldn't predict where it was going. I'm just glad that the series is continuing (no, it's not a cliffhanger) and the teaser of book 2 already makes me anxious to get my hands on it. Yeah, I suck at reviews. Just read the damn book.