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Rough Ride (Riding With Honor, #1)

Rough Ride (Riding With Honor, #1) - Rebecca Avery The beginning was great. Kept me interested. I really wanted to see what would happen between the H and H. The middle was better - to see the interaction and all that. I think it just went downhill once the heroine came across a problem in her past... and also the interaction between the H and H got a little too "mushy" for me. I do like the characters in the book, especially Tommy, but I just felt like it wasn't great. I'm debating giving it 2.5 stars instead.I remember telling friends that there's not enough badassery and alphaness in this book & that's what I think it's missing :0) Jerks are great. Mushy sentimental guys, ehhhh, not so much LOL.