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Altered - Jennifer Rush Wow. Lots of twists and turns I didn't see coming in this book. The boys were just yummy. At first, I really thought Anna was too naive, but I've come to really love her throughout the book. She just grew on me and came into this silent strength that I really admired. I just didn't like the naivete feelings towards Sam, but it was understandable considering how unsocial she was growing up. The plot was intense. I didn't expect so much action in this book. It was great. Personally, I wouldn't have minded more details so I could hear about this organization more in depth. And possibly a continuation of this story making it a series. Um, I think parts of it were lacking like the guys' skills... I think it could've been a bit better especially if they were supposedly enhanced or altered. They just seem a little bit clueless. I think going more into depth of what they are capable of would've been awesome, but that's just me.As much as I always love the alpha, Sam, especially him being the leader and all that, I have to say, I'm a bigger fan of Nick in the story. I don't know. Something has to be said about the all brass and balls jerk... the no sensitivity but hotness personified guy :P Interesting book from beginning to end that was an easy quick read :0)