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With Everything I Am (The Three, #2)

With Everything I Am - Kristen Ashley It's a KA book so my conundrum is... 4 star.. or 5 star? It HAS TO BE one or the other. There is simply never a mediocre 3 star KA book. Just.. not.. possible. I loved this book.. the second half anyways. The first half was a bit frustrating because everyone was so damn clueless. Things were so damn obvious. If he says "Your kind, the humans, have different ways..." wouldn't you assume that he's NOT human and therefore, oh, I don't know, PARANORMAL?!So with that said, the second half was great. Tear-jerking ending. I'm not sure I really like the ending, ending though. The book was so long and I'm a lover of long books, but wow this took a while to devour. And I felt it was a bit anticlimatic. I mean 700-something pages for him to figure it out at the last, what? 50 pages? And then things happen and it's done. Just done. Boring honeymoon also because there DEFINITELY weren't enough smut scenes. Poo. But you know me, I still love it :PI love the teaser for the next book in the series too. Definitely can't wait for that. Does anyone know which character the book will focus on? Dark hair, heterochromia eyes (LOVE!), and a bad ass facial scar? *swoons* I already call dibs LOL!All in all, typical KA book. Just longer than usual :o