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The Awakening of Ren Crown

The Awakening of Ren Crown - Anne Zoelle This took me so long to finish. I had other things going on at once so it was really hard to get into this book because there's a million different things going on in this book as well.I really liked the world building. The magic layers Zoelle created was a really neat idea. If you slack on reading the details anywhere in this book, you get lost so easily. Probably why it took me a while to finish.The story behind everything was... awesome. I loved the whole idea of these twins losing each other. The MC losing her twin who she thought was the better half and wanting him back because she can't live without him & because she believed everyone would rather have him survive than her. It works as the catalyst in the book. Everything she did, no matter how ridiculous it was with the risks it took, actually made sense because she's grieving for her twin. She was willing to do anything to get him back.The details aren't bad nor are they boring, but it was just so intrinsic to the understanding of the magical world. I slacked on paying attention to those details so I was lost at times. Okay, lie. I was lost many times throughout the book, lol.It was a good book. Just a bit too long. Reminds me of Rothfuss' stuff where he literally wrote out everything the character did hour by hour... making it a loooong ass book LOL. Just great world building though :0) I'll probably love it more as the series continues.And Constantine... can't forget to mention Constantine. Dare is nice, but oh Constantine :P