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Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley *received ARC & read it ...for once :P*I've been waiting for Shy & Tabby since Tack & Tyra's story (Motorcycle Man) came out. KA didn't disappoint. When does she ever disappoint anyways? Uh, NEVER. At least, not for me.I believe this was her first book that was published under a publishing company. I don't care if she's no longer a self-published author AS LONG AS she doesn't change who she is -- content stays the same, her voice stays the same, and she comes out with new works relatively on the same schedule as before when she was self-published.With that said, the last two works have been great, but not AWESOME like KA-usual awesome. I think out of all her books I've read, there is possibly 3 books that are short in length. Short meaning approx. 300 pages rather than her usual avg. of 500 or so pages. I don't know if it's because her schedule is wonky due to being picked up by a publisher, or the publisher is paring down her content so it's more inline with what they think is considered "a good amount" of word count. The fiction novels out in the publishing world (that I've picked up) are usually 250-350 pages & KA is unusually long when you think about it. But that's one of the things I absolutely love about KA's books.I happen to enjoy this a whole lot more than Raid, even with the shortened amount of pages, but I think that's due to: 1) me being used to the shortened story after reading Raid. So it wasn't quite the shocker when picking up Own The Wind to find out it's not 500+ pages. 2) Raid was a new character & he also has the same name as my 4 year old son. Reading sex scenes with the female MC going "Oh, Raiden!" was not conducive to a fun reading experience.3) I've waited for Shy & Tabby since forever. So I was happy with whatever story KA came out with as long as there was a story & I could get my hands on it.I'm being nit-picky. These are all little quirks, but all that aside, I really, really, REALLY, enjoyed Own the Wind & Shy & Tabby. Loved it. Absolutely loved it :0) I knew I would love it though so I even pre-ordered the damn PB from TBD.