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Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland, #1)

Wildest Dreams - Kristen Ashley Re-read Aug 5th 2013I'm going to go back and just re-rate everything by KA 5 stars because trust me, I read a lot, and I can never find stuff as good as KA.That said, I horde her stuff and then I slowly read them because I don't want to go through them all at once. And whenever I do find the time to re-read (which isn't often because new books are released like crazy - faster than even I can read), I always find myself picking up a KA book. It gets me out of a reading slump. It brightens my day AND night *wink wink*. I mean, her shits the shit. Point blank.I don't know why I didn't pick this up sooner. I think, besides keeping some unread for the sake of having something to look forward to by KA, I'm not as big on her PNR/UF stuff as her contemp. romance. Her contemp. romance stuff is to. die. for. But I mean, I wouldn't literally die because you know... Lee would save me :0)Anyways, being that I put this off because it wasn't a contemp. romance.. I'll admit it. I'm a dipshit. I should've read it sooner because it's AWESOME. I love Frey & I really love Finnie. OH PENOLOPE is the bomb (the cat). It was a great book that captivated me from beginning to end (nothing new since it IS a KA book). But yes, if you have tried her other PNR/UF stuff (like I tried her Ghosts series) and didn't like it AS much... well, give this a try :0)